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Legal status of the organization
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Completed project reports
Financing and operational activities
Litigation and reputation
Financial review of projects launched on IMAST
While vigorously looking for meaning, I  decided to create my own
was created
Hayk Ayrapetyan
Founder & CEO of IMAST
Social entrepreneur, co-founder of the online education platform “GeekBrains”
By creating IMAST (Armenian for "meaning"), I aim to unite all Armenians, give them tools to help, create a large community of donors, and shift paradigms.
After exiting my 10-year-old startup, I began searching for meaning in my life. This coincided with the 44-day war in Armenia, and I felt a strong urge to help my homeland, but I didn't know how. Soon I realized that there were many others who also wanted to help, but had limited tools to do so. I knew that I could come up with a solution that would systematically solve this problem, and I was determined to make a difference.
Head of Marketing
A lot of small but consistent steps lead to big results. Make your first step.
Community Manager
Donating is voting for the future you want, even if the amount is small. By donating today, you build your future.
Partnerships Manager
If you want to change the world, start with small actions. Through every act of giving, you create meaning and make the world a better place.
Traffic manager
The journey to making a significant impact begins with trust as trust is the currency of transformation.
David Mikaelyan
Ani Avoyan
Anna Minasyan
Sergei Budaev
Contribution and Transparency
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